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The number of options available for both TV and Radio in the home can be quite daunting these days and it can sometimes be difficult to choose between them. We understand the different technologies and options that come with them and are more than happy to sit down with you, explain them and help you choose what is right for you. And then, when you have made your choice, we will install the solution for you with as little disruption in your home as possible. Click on one of the options below to learn more, or give us a ring and ask.

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Freeview Installers, Poole, Dorset

What is Freeview?

Through Freeview homes can easily receive free digital TV channels, plus radio and interactive services, through their existing television aerial.

Since 2012 the whole of the UK is now receiving their Terrestrial channels digitally.

Freeview is one of the many ways in which you can mainstream TV channels but best of all, it is absolutley free, the only cost to the consumer maybe an upgraded TV or a set top box and most of all a TV aerial in good condition, not leaning, or rusty or pointing in the wrong direction.

It should be noted, that the myth that you need a digital TV aerial to receive Freeview is exactly that, a myth. Please be aware that most current TV aerials will pick up a digital signal of sorts. There are aerials still being used that are over 25 years old and are giving a very good level of signal.

If you need to replace your aerial you will now be buying an aerial better suited to the signals being broadcast today i.e. digital, so if you hear anyone advising you to change your aerial becuase it is not digital then please have a reservation and ask them what a digital aerial is?

All main transmitters within this area ie Rowridge (Isle of Wight), Mendip (HTV Bristol), Stockland Hill (TSW Exeter) are all currently broadcasting approximately 123 channels at the current time. Within our area there are a great number of relay transmitters which are secondary transmitters that rebroadcast our signals to weaker spots. If you are receiving your signal from one of these secondary transmitters you will only be receiving around 35 main stream TV channels, to receive the full complement of channels it may be necessary to re-sight or replace your current aerial to receive your signal from a main transmitter.

Once installed you gain access to over 100 TV and radio channels including HD (High Definition) BBC and ITV, with no contract to sign and no subscription to pay.

Please note over the coming months and years it may be necessary to re-tune your TV or set top boxes due to the ongoing improvements and additions to channels that Freeview have to offer. This is a service that we can provide if required.